Monday, January 8, 2018

Hong Kong - Kowloon - Track 21- Happy New Year !!!

Happy new year to all!!

 Last night was just like every other nights we came home around 9:00 after a long day.
In the morning, we attended both the po lam and tseung kwan o wards. 
We ate some crackers in the park around the chapel for lunch. then attended the kowloon tong mandarin branch.
 When we got there, elder darringhton and his parents were there. 
and vicky is back too (our mandarin branch member who attending byu provo since summer 2017).
 During the sacrament meeting, two missionaries, sister rafie and elder clark shared their testimony. tyler darrington and vicky did as well.
 in the evening, we quickly visited a member from the tsim sha tsui cantonese branch who can speak mandarin. 

On saturday, we went finding around a place we never went before but i felt like we needed to give it a try. we just started that we saw a mom with her child sitting as they were waiting for someone. she was speaking mandarin to her child, so we started to talk to her. she saw our name tag but instead of rejecting us she invited us to sit by them. we talked and talked and then she was telling us why they were out waiting. they are in Hong Kong visiting her auntie, they are living with her but something happened and because the doorwas  closed,  they were stuck outside. 
She asked me to help her send a text message to her auntie who is on her way back to hong kong.
 she was telling me what she wanted me to text and i was struggling writing in chinese with our ''useless'' nokia phone (we spent almost 15 mins writting only a small text) and we could not even send it, it did not work!!!.
 we waited a little bit with them, shared the ''family; proclamation to the world''
. they are going back to guang zhou on january 3rd. 

On friday night, we visited a less active. we did not tell her until we got there.
 she is now catholic but she nicely welcomed us even though she was not okay talking about the book of mormon.... but we left her peacefully with a prayer. yesterday, she texted us a super sad text message asking us to Stop visiting her and other different things. (she was not rude or anything she has just lost her testimony). 
On friday morning, zhen jiemei ( a new investigator) invited us to go eat dim sum with her. we learned a lot of things about her and her family. she is super cute and super nice. when we were eating with her, she was always asking if we wanted more we needed to tell her.
 looking  at her, i could not stop thinking about ''mamie frida'', i almost cried! (yeah she is old, she is in her late 60's- but we are good friends-). 
Recently she had a lot of problems with her phone( attention pas la an iPhone ) like any old people. she is so funny!!! every time she talked about it, she was so mad, but it was so funny for me!

Last week, we mostly did less active visits because most of the people are out of town, visiting their families in mainland.

Today, we are going to eat at ''california pizza kitchen'', yesterday we did not have any special dinner or even dinner so today we are inviting ourselves.

Happy new year again, love you all!

Sister colombel.

Hong Kong - Kowloon - Track 20 - My little christmas miracle...

Merry christmas to all! 
Joyeux Noel a tous!!!

So this morning, we skyped with mom, dad, kai, aloe and rangi (in orem). the connection was not super good but i was so glad to be able to see and hear them.
Alors, ce matin, on a Skype avec maman, papa, Kai'a, Aloe et Rangi (a Orem). La,connection n'etait pas,terrible mais j'etais tellement heureuse de les voir et des les entendre.

the christmas i have here is really different than the one i usually have back home but i thing the biggest thing is food.
So the weirdest thing for me was having a ''breakfast'' christmas dinner (thats what we ate for our christmas zone party) . i don't even know how to call this. anyway!hahaha!
Noel ici est tellement different de ceux que l'on passe chez nous a Tahiti, particulierement en ce qui concerne le ma'a.(repas de Noel)
Donc, la pire des choses a ete d'avoir un petit dej de Noel ( on a fete avec notre zone), donc hahaha!! Je ne sais pas trop comment appeler cela!!!

but i am glad i am having a really special christmas, trying to focus on other people and try to find ways to serve them and make them fell this special christmas spirit.
Mais, je suis reconnaissante de vivre un Noel tres special ou nous nous focalisons sur les personnes en essayant de trouver des moyens de les servir et de leur faire ressentir cet esprit de Noel si special.

i would like to share a pretty funny spiritual experience...
J'aimerai partager une experience spirituelle plutot amusante...

for our zone christmas party, every missionaries had assignments. we were assigned to buy the syrup for the pancake with 100hk$ budget.
Pour notre activite de Noel de la Zone, tous les missionnaires devaient apporter quelque chose, nous devions avec un budget de 100$HK acheter le sirop d'erable pour accompagner les pancakes.

we went to buy the syrup on monday but it was expensive and small.
it was better for us to make it ourselves so we bought the stuffs and on wednesday night we prepared it for the next day.
we poured the water first and it did not seem to be enough, so we poured 10 cups of water + 10 cups of white sugar+ 10 cups of brown sugar.
Nous sommes allees voir les prix lundi mais c'etait trop cher pour la quantite vendue...
Il vallait donc mieux, le faire nous meme et nous avons achete les ingredients et la veille, cad mercredi nous avons prepare le syrup.
Nous avons melange 10 verres d'eau, 10 de sucre, 10 de sucre roux.

we made a lot of syrup, we added the maple essence and vanilla and tasted it, it was straight up water and sugar, it did not taste like syrup, we tried to add stuffs in it but it did not change.
Nous en avons fait une bonne quantite et y avons rajoute de l'essence d'erable et de vanille et avons goute. On sentait bien l'eau sucree mais ca n'avait pas du tout le gout du syrup, et on a rajoute encore d'autres choses mais ca n'a rien change.

my companion took a shower and i was stressing about the syrup but then i decided to pray over the syrup.
in my prayer i shared to heavenly father the situation and talked about the experience when jesus turned the water into vine but i was not asking him to turn the water into syrup but as we already made the syrup following all the instructions we didin't know what else we could do.
i finished my prayer then put the syrup in the fridge without tasting it but i was constantly thinking about it until we had our christmas breakfast.
Pendant que ma compagne se douchait, je restais la, stressee a propos de ce sirop, puis je decide de prier a propos du sirop.
Dans ma priere, j'ai fait part a mon pere celeste de la situation et lui cite la fois ou JC avait change l'eau en vin, je n'ai pas eu la pretention de lui demander de changer cette eau en sirop d'erable mais apres avoir suivit toutes les etapes de la fabrication du sirop, nous ne savions plus quoi faire d'autre.
J'ai termine ma priere, mis le sirop au frigidaire sans y regouter mais avec cette pensee tres forte que quelque chose opere.

i shared this experience with other missionaries but i don't think they really understood ....
after eating it they all said that it was good.
in my heart i knew that it was a miracle.
i know for some people it might seem weird, funny or not big deal but there is a lot i learned form it.
J'en ai parle a quelques missionnaires mais je crois qu'ils n'ont pas compris le truc...
Finalement, tout le monde a apprecie.
Dans mon coeur, je savais qu'il sagissait d'un petit miracle.
Je sais que ca peut paraitre insignifiant mais j'ai beaucoup appris de cette experience.

i want to wish everyone a very merry christmas, i love you all.
Je voudrais vous souhaiter a tous un tres bon Noel, je vous aime.

sister colombel.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Hong Kong - Kowloon - Track 19 - A super busy week, with lots of ward Christmas partiesūüéĄūüéĄūüéĄ

Hello family and friends,

Salut la famille et les amis,

yesterday was a super freezing day and we were outside the whole day.

today its still freezing (12c + wind).

Hier, ce fut un jour glacial et nous étions dehors tout ce temps.

Aujourd'hui, ça caille toujours autant (12c, avec le vent)

in the morning, its super hard to get out of my bed but i need to. don't worry i have everything i need to survive this winter,

yesterday xiao jiemei(eternal investigator), tippi's mom gave me a coat, she was worried because she knows that i am not used to the cold. she is so nice, she told me she is my mom in hong kong, so cute !!

i am really blessed to be surrounded by these great people.

Je vous dis pas le matin, c'est super dur de sortir du lit mais je n'ai pas trop le choix.

Mais, ne vous inquiétez pas, j'ai tout ce qu'il faut pour survivre à cet hiver.

Hier, Xiao jiemei (une éternelle amie de l'eglise), la maman de Tippi m'a donné un manteau, elle était inquiète parce qu'elle sait que je n'ai pas l'habitude du froid.

Elle est tellement gentille, elle m'a dit qu'elle était ma maman de Hong Kong, c'est mignon!!

Je suis vraiment bénie d'être entourée par toutes ces personnes formidables.

yesterday, we attended 3 different sacrament meetings, polam ward: some members invited us for christmas dinner at their house, tseung kwan o ward- 1st time visiting them-: we were invited to attend their ward christmas party this coming saturday. then our branch:

Hier, on a assist√© √† 3 R√©unions de Sainte C√®ne differentes, celle de la paroisse de Po Lam, et des membres nous ont invit√© chez eux pour un d√ģner de No√ęl, la paroisse de Tseung Kwan, c'etait la premi√®re fois qu'on y allait, et on est invit√© √† leur No√ęl de paroisse ce samedi et enfin, on a assist√© √† la R√©union de Saint C√®ne de notre branche.

we will also have a christmas party combined with the wan chai mandarin branch this coming saturday.

Et nous aurons aussi notre No√ęl combin√© avec la Branche de Wan Chai ce samedi.

at 4:30, we attended ''alice li'' baptism, she was taught by elder hayden his whole time serving in our district but 3 weeks ago he moved to new territories so he especially came back to baptize her yesterday.

A 4:30, nous avons assist√© au Bapt√™me d'Alice Li, elle a √©t√© enseigne par elder hayden tout le temps o√Ļ il a servit dans notre District mais il a √©t√© transf√©r√© il y a de cela 3 semaines √† New Territories, il est donc venu exclusivement hier, pour la baptiser.

in the evening, we visited yang feng (less-active) and her daughter, we ate together ''hotpot'', then shared a christmas message about christ, finally, we gave her the cookies we've prepared with the relief society sisters.

Le soir, nous avons rendu visite √† une Sr inactive Yang Feng, il y avait aussi sa fille et on a mang√© avec elles "Hotpot" et leur avons ensuite partag√© un message de No√ęl sur le Christ, et lui avons offert ses Cookies que nous avions pr√©par√© avec les Soeurs de la SDS.

on saturday, we met with a new investigator, zhen jiemei all the way in ho man tin. she was so great.

Samedi, on a eu notre première rencontre avec Zhen jiemei, une nouvelle amie. Elle était super.

we then rushed our way to po lam for the english class christmas party, we ran trying to catch the bus but we missed it, so we had to wait 20 min for the next bus to come, so we were super late for the activity, we just ate with them and played.

On a ensuite fonc√© sur Polam pour l'activit√© de No√ęl de la classe d'anglais, on a couru pour essayer d'attraper le bus mais on l'a rat√© et on a du attendre 20 minutes pour le suivant, r√©sultat, on √©tait tr√®s en retard, on a juste mang√© et on s'est amus√©e un peu avec eux.

in the evening, we had dinner with the po lam, tko and monica & daughter (polam members), for a Christmas dinner before she leaves hong kong to visit her family.

Le soir, on a d√ģner avec des membres de la paroisse de Po Lam, Tko, Monica et leur fille, pour c√©l√©brer No√ęl avant de quitter HK pour aller voir sa famille.

friday, we were invited for the ngau tau kok ward christmas activity. we attended it with huang jiemei and kenny (our investigator).

Vendredi on a √©t√© invit√© pour le No√ęl de la Paroisse de Ngau Tau Kok. Nous y sommes all√©es avec nos amies Huang jm et Kenny.

wednesday, in the evening we attended the po lam english class, with mandy and her mom (investigators).

Dans la soirée de mercredi, nous avons assisté à la classe d'anglais à Po Lam, avec nos amies Mandy et sa maman.

last monday, we had zone devotional and played a fun game.

Lundi dernier, nous avons eu un Devotional de la Zone et avons eu un jeu super marrant.

wow a lot of things happened this week and this coming week sound super busy. see you next week.

Wow, beaucoup de choses ont eu lieu cette semaine et celle qui arrive promet d'être elle aussi super chargée.

A la semaine prochaine.

love you all.

Je vous aime tous.

sister colombel.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Hong Kong - Kowloon - Track 18- We were happy to spend some time and help the sisters, who all came straight from work, so busy, so tired... much respect for them

Hello everyone!

Christmas is coming soon i am so excited to talk to my family.
Christmas is not a big thing here only among christians so you are the one who need to bring the special spirit of Christmas.

Salut tout le monde!
No√ęl approche √† grands pas et je suis impatiente de parler avec ma famille.
Ici No√ęl ne fait pas partie des festivit√©s, seulement parmi les chr√©tiens.

last week, we had a slow and long beginning but we were determined to do our best to serve and especially serve in a happy and positive way.
By the end of the week, we were blessed to meet with new potential investigators.
when we did not really expected things to happen they just happened.

La semaine passée, on a démarré très timidement mais nous étions déterminées à donner le meilleur de nous même et servir dans la Joie et avec la Positive attitude.
Arrivées en fin de semaine, nous avons été bénies de trouver de nouveaux amis potentiels.
Alors que nous nous y attendions plus, s'est arrivé.

on wednesday night, we went to the po lam adult english class with mandy and her mom.
for the first time since we are going to this english class we had more than one student and 6 missionaries.

Mercredi soir, nous sommes allées à la classe d'anglais pour adulte de la paroisse de Po Lam.
Pour la première fois depuis que nous assistons à cette classe d'anglais, il y a eu plus qu'1 seul étudiant et 6 missionnaires.

on friday night, we went to help the relief society sisters to make cookies put them in bags with small messages. it was also a good time to spend with our sisters, they are all so busy and they are tired, they all just came straight from work.

Vendredi soir, nous sommes allées aider les Sr de la Société de Secours à faire des cookies et les mettre en sachets avec un petit mot.
Ce fut aussi une bonne occasion de passer du temps avec nos Srs, elles sont toutes tellement occupées et fatiguées, toutes revenaient directement du travail.

on saturday, we had english class then ate lunch and went to investigators, yang jtiemei and her daughter, mandy with the member, cindy.
the mandarin branches had a temple activity in the morning but we could not attend it.
in the evening, we attended the kowloon east stake christmas activity, there were a lot of performances, our english class had to sing and play, the birth of christ. mandy came, zhen jiemei a former that we called the day before also came with her friends and a member referral, hazel also came.
it was so good to have all of them coming because all the performances were about christ and showed what important place he has in our life.

Samedi, on a eu classe d'anglais puis on a dejeune et ont est allé chez nos investigateurs, Yang jm et sa fille Mandy accompagné d'une membre Cindy.
La Branche mandarin a eu une activité au Temple le matin, mais nous n'avons pas pu y assister.
Dans la soir√©e, nous avons √©t√© √† l'activit√© de No√ęl du Pieu de Kowloon Est, il y a eu bcp de spectacles. Notre classe d'anglais devions chanter et faire un sketch sur la naissance du Christ.
Mandy est venue, Zhen jm, une ancienne amie, que nous avions appelé la veille est aussi venue avec des amies, ainsi qu'une référence d'un membre, et Hazel.
C'était vraiment bien qu'elles soient toutes venues car toutes les prestations portaient sur le Christ et démontrait la place importante qu'il a dans nos vies.

Yesterday, it was our branch primary program, it was so funny, they were all cute and funny.
we have a small primary but all of them were not afraid to share their testimony and small talks.
Hier a eu lieu le Programme Primaire de notre Branche, c'etait trop marrant, ils étaient tous adorables et marrants.
Nous avons une petite primaire mais tous n'avaient pas peur de partager leurs petits discours et temoignages.

This was our week, have a great week all! bye bye.
Ce fut notre semaine, passez tous une bonne semaine!

Sister  Colombel

Hong Kong - Kowloon - Track 17 - We taught a brother who was super proud of his decision to get baptized...

DA JIA HAO!           

We are emailing a little bit late today,
Aujourd'hui, j'envoie mon émail un peu tard (lol, 2h du mat, pour nous à Tahiti)

Today was a little bit special we did not have ''pday'',
Donc, ce fut assez special et donc, pas de pday pour nous.

We had a visitor, a brother (not common!), he was super prepared and he is also the first one in his family to join the church but he is planing on bringing his wife and son too.
Nous avons eu un visiteur, un frere ( ce n'est pas commun), il etait super bien préparé et il est aussi le premier de sa famille à joindre l'église, et, il prévoit aussi d'envoyer sa femme et son fils.

We spent the whole day with him, we taught the 5 lessons with roger's help in the morning and brother tao in the afternoon, they are members in the branch i am serving in.
at 6:00pm, we had the baptismal service with elder garcia and elder clark help, president also attended.
I never saw a convert that happy the day of his baptism, he was so happy that when he received his baptism certificate he stood up and read it to everyone.
I could tell that he was so proud of his decision, and especialy he was really grateful for us but especially to heavenly father.
so it was a great day, and a special day!
On a passe toute la journ√©e avec lui, on lui a enseigne les 5 le√ßons avec l'aide de Fr Roger le matin et Fr Tao, l'apr√®s-midi, ils sont tous les 2 membres de la Branche o√Ļ je sers.
A 18h, a eu lieu le Baptême avec l'aide d'Elder Garcia et Elder Clark, Pdt Lam etait aussi présent.
Je n'ai jamais vu un Converti aussi heureux le jour de son Baptême. Il était tellement heureux que quand on lui a remis son Certificat de Baptême, il s'est levé et l'a lu pour tout le monde.
J'ai vu à quel point il etait fier de la décision qu'il avait prise, de plus, il nous était tellement reconnaissant et encore plus à Pere Céleste.
Ce fut donc un jour magnifique et Spécial.

Yesterday, we went all the way to po lam thinking that it was a normal sunday but we got there and no one, we called the members and they told us it was stake conference for them and that it will be held at 10:00, so we traveled all the way to ho man tin and attended the stake conference with the po lam members and the rest of the members that we never met before!
Hier, nous avons été jusqu'à Po Lam pensant que c'était un dimanche comme les autres, mais en arrivant, pas un chat, on a appelé des membres qui nous ont dit qu' ils avaient Conférence de Pieu à 10h, on a donc du faire le voyage jusqu'à Ho Man Tin et nous avons donc assisté à la Conférence de Pieu avec les Membres de Po Lam et d'autres membres que nous ne connaissions pas.

In the afternoon, we attended our branch church services, justin's family came, the elders asked us to take care of them while they were in wan chai on their way to kowloon tong.
i like this family so much, their daughter is so cute, i will try next time they come to take pictures with them.
Dans l'après-midi, nous avons assisté aux réunions de notre Branche, la Famille Justin était présente, les Elders nous ont demandé de nous occuper d'eux alors qu'ils quittaient Wan chai pour venir sur Kowloon Tong.
J'aime beaucoup cette famille, leur fille est tellement mignonne, j'essayerai de prendre une photo avec eux la prochaine fois.

As of right now i dont remember the past week, but i guess it was a good week!
still working hard but next week, we will do better, we are going to focus on our less actives more.
we contacted some of them and they are super nice but busy.
we also contacted some formers and two of them were super interersted about the gospel so we are going to meet with them hopefully this week.
this week will be such a great week!
let's pray for miracles to happen, its christmas so we can only expect good things and mircales to happen.

Sinon, je ne me rappelle plus trop de la semaine écoulée, mais ce fut une belle semaine!
On continue de travailler dur mais la semaine prochaine, nous ferons encore mieux, on va se focaliser d'avantage sur nos inactifs.
On en a contacté plusieurs, ils sont super sympa mais très occupés.
On a aussi contacté d'anciennes références et 2 sont super intéressés par l'évangile, donc on va les voir, je l'espère cette semaine.
Cette semaine sera très prometteuse!
Prions pour que des miracles se produisent.
C'est No√ęl donc on ne peut qu'esp√©rer de Bonnes choses et des Miracles se produirent.

i love you all, sorry i dont have a lot of pictures for the past week. bye bye.

Je vous aime tous, désolée, je n'ai pas beaucoup de photos cette semaine.

Sister colombel

Friday, November 24, 2017

Hong Kong - Kowloon - Track 16 - I just need to be patient...

Hello family and friends ! mom shared with me some good news, more soldiers are joining us, its so great. i heard also the missionary work is moving forward in our stake, i am also happy to hear that everyone is trying their best to keep their testimony, serving to establish heavenly father's kingdom on earth, through doing family history, temple ordinances, going on split with missionaries.

We had a tough week, not super successful. we again had some '' false-hope''  but its okay we move forward with faith.
This week during one of my personal study time i was studying... in the beginning of alma, he did not have the exact same experience but while i was reading i just thought about these past days struggles. so it was the time when alma went to ammonihah but then the people there rejected him and he needed to flee.
So he was going through much tribulations and sorrows but then an angel appeared unto him, telling him to return so he did what the angel told him to do and there he found amulek and together they went to preach to the people. there is a lot of things to learn from this scripture s story. 

But it has teach me a really simple principle and it is that i just need to be patient and do what the lord wants me to do. and if alma has received the blessings then why not us...

Anyway, so there is not a lot of exciting things that happened this past week but a few.
so on saturday i met with christelle my great grandma friend native from tahiti we ate with her and her daughter. and we talked about random things but also a little bit about ''family and the gospel'', i asked er if she would like to hear more about the gospel she accepted and added that she would love her family to hear it too, but she is going to ask them and next saturday we are going to visit them together at their house, so we are waiting for her answer. please pray for them.
Also on saturday, a none member family came to church, hannah, justin and their cute daughter nathalie. she is so cute, she is 12 months and she like to talk. she gave me a kiss, and was smilling at me all the time, i wanted to hold her so hard....but we can't, i miss babies so much......
they are going to start to meet with the elders, elder garcia and elder yang.

Last night we had a ''thanksgiving'' dinner at the leonards with the 8 missionaries together. tonight again but with sarah, we are going out. and on thursday its our zone thanksgiving.

Bye bye, love you all.
Sister colombel

Hong Kong - Kowloon - Track 15 - Yearning to save some souls...

Hello fam and friends, its cloudy and cool (22c) today!
we don't have any special plan for the day, sister dodge just want to do a little bit of clothes shopping, and we will probably have time to rest.
tonight we are going to do ''less-active finding'' in tseun kwan o.

this week heavenly father really tried my faith. last week i was sharing about some member's referrals that we were going to work with, and we were hoping to meet with them if they have interest. so yesterday, one of the member referral came to church, i had hope that he was going to like it and so on, but then he said that he does not actually have interest. we've asked another member about her referral and then said that she actually does not have interest. and a lot of different things stressful and disappointing happened. but with all of this we worked super hard because we know that heavenly father will bless us in his time.

yesterday, my companion shared with me some of her actual struggles, so i tried to help her by sharing my personal experiences when i first started my mission. this discussion help me to see, how much i have changed and learned in the space of 1 year. there were a lot of things i did not understand about heavenly father, his ways, his plans for me.
i had a lot of questions, fears and doubts but in these trials i've discovered who i am and who heavenly father and jesus christ are.
a lot of the questions she had were the ones i had before but now i have a better understanding. my thought is that everyone think that the mission is to find heavenly father's children and to bless them with the gospel but when you are his Servant, his missionary, mission has a more deeper and sacred meaning. its hard for me to explain probably those who served a mission can understand.
i love my mission even though i need to worry and stress a lot but those i am stressing and worrying for, worth it because they mean so much to heavenly father.

happy birthday mom, you are the best! i love you !

hope you will all have a great week, a safe and happy week.
heavenly father loves you all, and me too!!