Friday, November 24, 2017

Hong Kong - Kowloon - Track 16 - I just need to be patient...

Hello family and friends ! mom shared with me some good news, more soldiers are joining us, its so great. i heard also the missionary work is moving forward in our stake, i am also happy to hear that everyone is trying their best to keep their testimony, serving to establish heavenly father's kingdom on earth, through doing family history, temple ordinances, going on split with missionaries.

We had a tough week, not super successful. we again had some '' false-hope''  but its okay we move forward with faith.
This week during one of my personal study time i was studying... in the beginning of alma, he did not have the exact same experience but while i was reading i just thought about these past days struggles. so it was the time when alma went to ammonihah but then the people there rejected him and he needed to flee.
So he was going through much tribulations and sorrows but then an angel appeared unto him, telling him to return so he did what the angel told him to do and there he found amulek and together they went to preach to the people. there is a lot of things to learn from this scripture s story. 

But it has teach me a really simple principle and it is that i just need to be patient and do what the lord wants me to do. and if alma has received the blessings then why not us...

Anyway, so there is not a lot of exciting things that happened this past week but a few.
so on saturday i met with christelle my great grandma friend native from tahiti we ate with her and her daughter. and we talked about random things but also a little bit about ''family and the gospel'', i asked er if she would like to hear more about the gospel she accepted and added that she would love her family to hear it too, but she is going to ask them and next saturday we are going to visit them together at their house, so we are waiting for her answer. please pray for them.
Also on saturday, a none member family came to church, hannah, justin and their cute daughter nathalie. she is so cute, she is 12 months and she like to talk. she gave me a kiss, and was smilling at me all the time, i wanted to hold her so hard....but we can't, i miss babies so much......
they are going to start to meet with the elders, elder garcia and elder yang.

Last night we had a ''thanksgiving'' dinner at the leonards with the 8 missionaries together. tonight again but with sarah, we are going out. and on thursday its our zone thanksgiving.

Bye bye, love you all.
Sister colombel

Hong Kong - Kowloon - Track 15 - Yearning to save some souls...

Hello fam and friends, its cloudy and cool (22c) today!
we don't have any special plan for the day, sister dodge just want to do a little bit of clothes shopping, and we will probably have time to rest.
tonight we are going to do ''less-active finding'' in tseun kwan o.

this week heavenly father really tried my faith. last week i was sharing about some member's referrals that we were going to work with, and we were hoping to meet with them if they have interest. so yesterday, one of the member referral came to church, i had hope that he was going to like it and so on, but then he said that he does not actually have interest. we've asked another member about her referral and then said that she actually does not have interest. and a lot of different things stressful and disappointing happened. but with all of this we worked super hard because we know that heavenly father will bless us in his time.

yesterday, my companion shared with me some of her actual struggles, so i tried to help her by sharing my personal experiences when i first started my mission. this discussion help me to see, how much i have changed and learned in the space of 1 year. there were a lot of things i did not understand about heavenly father, his ways, his plans for me.
i had a lot of questions, fears and doubts but in these trials i've discovered who i am and who heavenly father and jesus christ are.
a lot of the questions she had were the ones i had before but now i have a better understanding. my thought is that everyone think that the mission is to find heavenly father's children and to bless them with the gospel but when you are his Servant, his missionary, mission has a more deeper and sacred meaning. its hard for me to explain probably those who served a mission can understand.
i love my mission even though i need to worry and stress a lot but those i am stressing and worrying for, worth it because they mean so much to heavenly father.

happy birthday mom, you are the best! i love you !

hope you will all have a great week, a safe and happy week.
heavenly father loves you all, and me too!!

Hong Kong - Kowloon - Track 14 - Open your mouth !

hello fam and friends,

i don't really know what to say but we are still working hard, this week we spent time with some potential investigators during activities so we are looking forward for the next time we can meet with them.
so heavenly father really know the challenges we are facing right now, and he knows how to better help us.
so actually, we are working with 3 investigators, not super solid.
then last wednesday, we had ''mission tour'', our special guest was elder evans. he gave several trainings, with lots of invitations, lots of call to repentance. he said a lot of things in his training. he talked about the time he was serving in the japan nagoya mission as a full-time missionary and mission president. he talked about the ''mission language'', he said how important it is to learn it, and maintain it because only heavenly father knows how he will use it in the future... he also invited us the missionaries to ''open our mouth'', ''talk to everyone'' and ''ask referrals 100%''. (it is really a resume of what he said).
sister lam and president lam also talked to us, and it was so touching, he told us that he loves us . they shared their conversion story, and how the sisters who shared the gospel with sister lam blessed not only ''one soul'', sister lam but her whole family and her whole posterity.
so by applying what elder evans shared, we went home and i talked to the first person i was standing by in the mtr, and then she said ''hello'' back like we knew each other and she asked me if i remember her , so actually i met her one day we were doing finding her name is ''yoyo'' she is from mainland but is regularly coming down to hong kong, this time i gave her my number.
another thing that we've applied was to ask referrals so on friday night we visited zhu jm a member and we asked her and she gave us a referral. we also ask selin, and on saturday evening we visited her and she told us that her friend, james wants to come and see us on sunday. so a lot of miracles happened.
sadly i don't have tones of time to share everything. but we are blessed.

next week i will try to share more. i love you all, great week.

Hong Kong - Kowloon - Track 13 - Solid investigators come from members of the Church

Hello friends and family!
I know that last email was super short, i am sorry for that!
hopefully today's email will be better.
so with sister dodge we are in the 2nd week of training, she is adapting pretty well, her mandarin is already pretty good (studied 5 years in high school). so i can focus on other stressful stuffs. we don't have a lot of investigators right now, so we are focusing on finding those who are prepared to receive the restored gospel.

president lam before transfers told us that we needed to focus more on a certain part of our area that we kind of neglected before, so with sister dodge we are focusing on this area.

this week i had a lot of things that stressed me, but in those situations i saw heavenly father hands guiding me and placed people on the way.
one of the experience that i had this week happened yesterday.
so since last week, we are working with the cantonese elders in one of the ward in the focusing area. we are trying to work with the members because the solid investigators come from members, investigators referrals. but the thing is that they don't know us and they speak cantonese or they can understand mandarin but they speak cantonese back to me (i can sometimes understand...).
so the first challenge is for them to know that we exist, then communicate with them, then for them to trust us and be willing to introduce their friends, none member's family. so on sunday, we went for the sacrament meeting which started at 9;30, we arrived there right on time, the sacrament was in cantonese of course so maybe i understood 5 %, i was stressing about how i am going to do to talk with the members and get to know them in 2 min because we needed to travel all the way back to kowloon tong for our sacrament meeting at 1. i don't know how many prayers i did but at the end, chen jm who has just finished her mission (she was serving with us in hong kong mandarin speaking), she came and talked to us and then after she invited us to come next sunday to her house she is with her mom organizing a party with members and investigators. and they will help us invite one of the potential investigator t we have in the ward.
that is the miracle, i almost cried when she came to us and invited us.
the most important thing i remember is that heavenly father answers our prayers, in his own time, and he knows what is best for us.

thats the week's email, i don't have time to write a pretty conclusion. but everyone have a great week, i love you all.

bao jiemei.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Hong Kong - Kowloon - Track 12 - I am a Mom now !

Hello everyone, i don't have a lot of time today. i have received some good and surprising news today. i am happy to see that everyone is doing good, and especially super happy to see that the faith of those i love and cherish is growing or is even still exciting.
Salut tout le monde.
Je n'ai pas beaucoup de temps aujourd'hui. J'ai recu de bonnes et d'etonnantes nouvelles aujourd'hui.
Je suis contente de voir que tout le monde va bien et aussi tres heureuse de voir que la Foi de ceux que j'aime et cherit grandit ou est toujours belle et bien presente.

It started to get colder this week, so people started to wear sweaters, jackets and so do i...
Il a commence a faire plus froid cette semaine et les gens commencent a mettre des pulls, manteaux et moi aussi...

I guess you've already watched the ''transfer'' video, so yeah i am training and my trainee is siter dodge from lehi, utah. she is super nice, she likes to talk so i guess i need to talk more, that's good!!!
I am trying to be the niciest companion and help her do missionary work.
Je pense que vous avez deja vu la video des transferts, alors oui, je suis formatrice et ma "fille" est Sr Dodge, elle vient de Lehi/Utah et elle est Super!!!
Elle aime parler alors je crois que je vais devoir faire un effort pour parler d'avantage et ce n'est pas plus mal...

My email this week will be really short. but i love you all.
please pray for us as the area has been splited with the other sisters and we only have 2 to 3 investigators. we no longer teach miko, i'm quite sad but sister grover and sister lee are taking good care of her.
Mon courriel de cette semaine sera vraiment court, mais sachez que je vous aime tous.
S'il vous plait, on a besoin de vos Prieres, notre secteur a ete divise avec deux autres Soeurs Mandarin, donc nous n'avons plus wue 2 voire 3 amies et je n'enseigne plus Miko, je suis un peu triste mais je sais qu'elle est entre de bonnes mains avec Sr Grover er Sr Lee.

I love you all.

Je vous aime.

Hong Kong - Kowloon - Track 11 - I'll Train...Pray For Me

Hello all!
this week the weather was super weird, but it was cooler so that's good because it was super hot plus the humidity i thought i will die, we are so sweaty .... not comfortable! yesterday was cold, 21c and a typhoon 8 so we stayed inside the whole day but we had a lot to do with next week new assignments and the next 3 months challenges for me.

So this week, we are receiving 28 new missionaries both cantonese and mandarin. in this 28 we have 3 new mandarin sisters.
I was the last mandarin sisters who joined almost a year ago. it was time for us to receive more sisters because as for today, we are 6 mandarin sisters in the whole mission, two are leaving next week and my actual companion is leaving in december.
So without any surprise i am going to train one of the new sisters and remain in the area i am at right now, and sister grover with her companion will kind of open the 2nd kowloon mandarin sisters, so we are still serving in the same area and branch.
(inutile de sous dire que je stress ...)

We did not have anything special this week, only that heavenly father once again helped me to overcome some of the trials and challenges i was facing. i received strength and guidance even when i did not know how to deal with it, but he was there in every steps ...

Sorry i did not have a lot of time today but i love you all, i am still alive and more than ever...
Pray for me to be the best trainer for my new companion and pray so that we can help a lot in our area and branch.

bye bye

Sister colombel

Hong Kong _ Kowloon - Track 10 - Midi Autumn Festival

Hello everyone,
how was your week!
we've been so blessed this past week with temple and general conference but also different things that i 've learned.

First of all, i am so grateful to my heavenly father for his love for me and for all his children.
last weekend for us, and a weekend ago for most of you with general conference.
some of the speakers reminded us how important these gatherings are for all the saints but also everyone who might have listen to general conference.
Actually i cannot share which talks were my favorites because i don't have a super good memory but i could relate a lot with some of them since i am on my mission, its with a lot of excitement that i was waiting for this opportunity to hear our prophets, so i prepared myself spiritually with questions related to both the now and the future.
I was surprised by listening carefully and taking notes, to receive answers or guidance.
i payed attention to all the speakers testimony about the reality of our savior, jesus christ, or the book of mormon. and the spirit was here to again testify of these truthfulnesses...

So the past week, on monday we were invited by a member from the kwun tong ward and their elders to eat ''hotpot'' for the ''mid autumn festival''.
i then learned one of the mission rule about ''hot pot''...
we ate a lot and went home with more moon cake.

On tuesday, we had our district meeting after mlc with our mission leaders. and on the evening we went to the kwai feng english class with miko, our golden investigator. after we shared a message with her and she received a baptism goal, november 19. (please pray for her so she will be ready for that day, thank you so much!)

On wednesday it was our temple day, we went to the 9 am session, i had a splendid time in the house of our lord.

On thursday, it was holiday so no school, no work and no one wanted to schedule us except viviane, tipping and her mom, xiao jiemei and zhang popo.
xia jiemei invited us to eat ''dim sum'', it was super good.

On friday, it was elder hayden birthday, the members brought something for him during our correlation meeting.

And finally on saturday and sunday, we had general conference.
on sunday evening we ate with some philipino sisters with elder chin and sheik, elder garcia and yang, and us.

Ok i don't have a lot of time but i love everyone. have a great week.