Saturday, August 26, 2017

Hong Kong - Kowloon- Track 2- We were blessed with tones of visitors !!!


Hello family and friends! sorry i don't have a lot of pictures this week. but i had a great week, we were blessed with tones of visitors. so this past week, a lot of mainlanders came down for the Dotera conference. it seems that Dotera has a lot of success in mainland too. anyway thanks to Dotera we received a lot of visitors, what a blessing!

Today, we don't have anything special to do we are just going to stay home and tonight we will go finding. hopefully heavenly father will bless us with a new friend.

Yesterday, was the most stressful, busy and excited sunday.
so on friday night the assistants called us to tell us that we will have 14+ visitors (non members) on sunday in wan chai, and we were asked with 3 other companionships to help teach them.
so we traveled to wan chai early in the morning because we were preparing a song for yan jiemei baptism.
The visitors were late, they were 14+ people walking with all their suitcases, parents, teenagers, ysa and kids. we helped them carry their stuffs and partook of the sacrament right away in the hall.
we had a powerful testimony meeting, most of them were some members from mainland visiting and helping the non member visitors. they were sharing powerful simple testimony, and how the gospel has blessed them and how they want the gospel to be pass to all the generation after them.
after the sacrament meeting we had 20 people to dispatch into 4 groups. we had 7 people, we taught them for 2 hours about the restoration and plan of salvation. two of them were members who accompanied their friends.
at 12:30 we had yan jiemei, the ''top secret'' visitors from 2 weeks ago. (long story: remind me to tell you when i am back). we performed a beautiful medley during the baptism service with the other mandarin sisters. yan jtiemei cried a lot as she was sharing her testimony, i was touched too especially when she came out of the baptismal font, i felt the spirit really strongly as i tapped on her back and shoulders because she was already crying.
after this we traveled and attended the relief society in kowloon tong.

Sorry no time but on Tuesday, we were expected to meet with a visitor but she never came so we only taught yan jiemei, right after having traveled from china to Hong Kong so she was tired but we did the 5 lessons from 5 to 9 and she had her baptismal interview.

On thursday, a lot of visitors were here to. 3 mandarin companionships were teaching them and one cantonese companionship.
so they had 7 people who got baptized that night.

Sorry i really don't have a lot of time. i love you all, have a great week.

Hong Kong - Kowloon - Track 4- Branch FHE, Baptsim, lessons and SURPRISE !!

Hello everyone! i had a pretty good week, finding investigators is still a challenge but the lord is testing our faith.

To start this email, i will take the time to share a spiritual message.
As i was doing my personal study i was thinking about what i am going to share with you. i studied the liahona ( so excited general conference is coming soon!!!). so i just want to share some part that i really like (because i am running out of time, sorry)

When we decide to do “whatsoever [God] saith unto” us, we earnestly commit to align our everyday behavior with God’s will. Such simple acts of faith as studying the scriptures daily, fasting regularly, and praying with real intent deepen our well of spiritual capacity to meet the demands of mortality. Over time, simple habits of belief lead to miraculous results. They transform our faith from a seedling into a dynamic power for good in our lives. Then, when challenges come our way, our rootedness in Christ provides steadfastness for our souls. God shores up our weaknesses, increases our joys, and causes “all things [to] work together for [our] good.”6
Only once we have proven our willingness to do what He asks without demanding to know the whens, the whys, and the hows do we “reap the rewards of [our] faith, and [our] diligence, and patience, and long-suffering.”

a lot of things happened this week...

we had food angel service on thursday , sister clark dinner birthday at ''triple o','
visitors and wedding on friday.

we taught wang jm and her son pang dx, and another 8 y girl.
because we were at the kowloon tong chapel i was able to have a picture with milani ho and her husband, there were so many people...

friday was a stressful day but a great blessing to witness our friends baptism. also on saturday night we had our branch family home evening, it was a success, this fhe was dedicated to our ysa who are leaving for college or mission:skylar, vicky, larin and john. we had different activities and ate together. ( one of my branch president son took my camera without asking me so he took some random pictures and videos and he also dropped my camera as you will watch one of the video).

sorry its really short because i don't have time. but i love you all.

Hong Kong- Kowloon- Track 3 - Marlo's Baptsim


Hello family and friends, i felt so blessed as i was reading my email. many miracles happened both in my mission and at home.
This week we had some dramas with some less active members but we were also blessed witnessing many other miracles.

tuesday was marlo's baptism. she met the church in 2014, she said that she came in the wan chai chapel one day and someone was playing the piano, an elder, and she felt something then started to cry. since then she always came to church.
( when i first got in hong kong i thought she was a member until someone told me that she was not). so, on tuesday we attended her baptism with a few other members. president lam also attended her baptism.
with sister clark and loo, we sung the medley ''if you could hie to kolob/ come thou found of every blessing'', we did not have any practice. so its maybe not that beautiful but it was from our heart. she cried as we were singing.
she was so happy that after the baptism, she invited everyone to eat ''dim sum'', except that not everyone was able to come.
Our less active canceled so we were able to go with the liana jilting and zhang popo. we celebrated both marlo's baptism and annie's b-day.

wednesday, we've had zone conference. we were with the macao zone, so we were only a few missionaries. president lam, macao zone leaders, sister lam, the assistants and our international zone leaders gave trainings. sister lam talked about ''obedience'', (i was not surprised), the assistants talked about "bring all " in referring to one of the conference talk.
they were all super good trainings to help us evaluate ourselves and decide to set some new goals and start again.

saturday, we had english class then the water activity. we had so much fun, we did not have a lot of kids compare to the mexico activity, i think it's because most of them are traveling.
me and sister grover took care of the little ones.
they were so diligent and smart.
the missionaries also had fun especially elder stone and elder jensen who are both going home this thursday.
we have 20-30 missionaries going home this week. its crazy.

everyone, i hope you will all have a great week. i love you all, hopefully, i will have time next week for a spiritual thought because i did not have any for a long time.

see you next week.

sister colombel.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Hong Kong- Kowloon - Track 1- I ❤ Hong Kong Island

English :  

Hello all!

so i am back in kowloon because of transfer. so i moved back on thursday, and in order to move we met with my new companion at the kowloon tong chapel, there were lots of missionaries there. new missionaries and their trainers.
it was super hard to move all my stuffs plus it was hot. so it started to get really hot on thursday until yesterday, i felt like a dumpling in a steamer.
it is worse than what we have in tahiti, the heat just melted my brain.

so my 2 last days in hong kong island:
on tuesday, we visited a member, ida, in the causeway bay branch, she is from mainland china. she got baptized 3 years ago. she shared with us how she met the church it is so uncommon. she likes to travel and is really nice. so she is the only member in her family, her husband pushed her to meet the missionaries and a month later she got baptized. she was the one who looked for the missionaries. her husband is catholic but is really supportive and sometimes will come to church. (i don't have time to say everything wait until i am back! )

on wednesday, we ate lunch with sister sheck member in causeway bay branch too, she is a recent returned missionary from taiwan taipei mission. she will live hong kong this month to go to byu hawaii. she loves mandarin missionaries so she is willing to helps us before she leaves. we ate at tam zai and i ordered 'pervered eggs'' also, so good!!!
it is sister shek favorite dish also.

in the evening, we visited the mo's family, scott,lin and jasper. lin is an investigator so we mostly discussed about her challenge of reading the book of mormon, we also get to know them, how they met, how scott met with the missionaries. they were so cute and funny. ooh i love them. i took some pictures of their apartment because for me its huge. also they brought us home (they have a car) it was super cool, sister loo was so excited, she took a video. they were surprised when i told them that i am going back to kowloon especially scott. i still remember scott my first time at church in hong kong, he tried chinese but when he figured out that i could not understand he switched and tried english.

on thursday i moved to kowloon, it was super hard for me to leave hong kong island because i love hong kong island even though it was hard.

on saturday, we had english class about mexico, we had a lot of fun with the kids, in two weeks we are planning a big activity, a summer activity.
to be continued!!!

on sunday, we had church at the wan chai chapel combined with the kowloon tong branch and the wan chai branch.
it was so different, it felt like a real branch so many people.

i am scared i missed a few things but i don't have time.
i love you all, have a good week.

sister colombel.


Salut tout le monde!

alors j'ai ete transfere et suis de nouveau a Kowloon. J'ai demenage jeudi dernier et j'ai rencontre ma nouvelle compagne a la chapelle de Kowloon Tong ou il y avait plein d'autres missionnaires.De nouveaux missionnaires et leurs formateurs.
Ce ne fut pas une partie de plaisir de demenager toutes mes affaires, sans compter la chaleur.
Alors depuis jeudi il a commence a faire super chaud jusqu'a hier dimanche.
J'avais l'impression d'etre un chao pao dans un cuiseur vapeur.
C'est pire que ce que nous avons a Tahiti, une chaleur a faire fondre mon cerveau

Alors mes 2 derniers jours sur hong kong island:
mardi, on a visite une membre Ida de la Branche de Causebay, elle vient de Chine, elle s'est faite baptiser il y a 3 ans. Elle a partage avec nous comment elle avait rencontre l'Eglise, son histoire sort de l'ordinaire.
Elle aime voyager et est vraiment gentille et elle est la seule membre de sa famille. Son mari l'a pousse a rencontrer les missionnaires et un mois plus tard, elle s'est faite baptiser. C'est elle qui a cherche les missionnaires. Son mari est Catholique mais la soutient vraiment, et il l'accompagne parfois a l'eglise.
( je n'ai pas le temps de tout vous raconter, la suite a mon retour )
mercredi, on a dejeune avec Sr Sheck, elle aussi est membre de la Branche de Causebay, elle vient de finir sa mission, elle a servit dans la mission de Taiwan Taipei
Elle va quitter HK ce mois-ci pour BYU Hawaii.
Elle aime beaucoup les Sr mandarin et elle est prete a nous aider d'ici son depart.
Nous avons mange a Tam Zai et j'ai commande des 'pervered eggs'' trop bon!!! C'est aussi son plat prefere.
Le soir, nous avons rendu visite au Mo, Scott, Lin and Jasper. Lin n'est pas membre alors on n'a plus discute a propos de son engagement a lire le Livre de Mormon. On a aussi appris a les connaitre, comment ils se sont connus, comment Scott a fait connaissance avec les missionnaires...
Ils etaient trop mignons et marrants.
Oh!!! Je les aime beaucoup!!!
j'ai pris des photos de leur appart parce qu'il est immense.
Et le must.... ils nous ont ramene a la maison (ils ont une voiture), c'etait carrement cool, Sr Loo etait carrement excitee, elle a meme pris une video.
Ils etaient surpris lorsque je leur ai dit que je retournais a Kowloon surtout Scott.
Je me rappelle de Scott, mon premier jour a la chapelle quand je suis arrivee....Il m'a parle en Chinois mais quand il a vu que je ne comprenais rien, il s'est mis a me parler en anglais.

jeudi, j'ai demenage sur Kowloon, ca a ete tres dur pour moi de quitter HK Island parce que j HK Island malgre que le Travail y etait difficile.

samedi on a eu classe d'anglais avec pour theme le Mexique, on a passe un super moment avec les enfants.
Et on est en train de plannifier une grande activite pour les vacances d'ete qui aura lieu dans 2 semaines.
A suivre!!!.....

dimanche, on a eu chapelle a Wan Chai combine la branche de Kowloon Tong et celle de Wan Chai.
C'etait tellement different, comme il y avait tellement de gens on aurait dit une Vraie Branche.

j'espere n'avoir rien oublie mais je n'ai plus de temps....
Je vous aime....
Passez une bonne semaine.

sister colombel.