Monday, July 31, 2017

Hong Kong - Hong Kong Island - Track 9 - My halfway Mark !!

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Hello everyone ! thank you all for sending me some words of encouragement.
so today i have a news: i am going to transfer to kowloon again with a new companion, sister grover. i am going back to kowloon !!

this morning we went hiking at yau tong at the devil's peak. and after email we will go eat somewhere nice to celebrate my ''halfway mark''!

i don't have a lot of time today so i will be kind of brief. this week was a good week still hard some days especially because most of our investigators are out of town, and also our members. finding was not that successful. 

yesterday, every church services were cancelled because we were on typhoon level 8 alert from 7:00 in the morning until 2:30 in the afternoon. so in the morning we had time to do all our studies and in the afternoon we went sing finding with other missionaries because most of us did not have any plans.

it was super weird for us not to be able to partake of the sacrament. sing finding was a lot of fun, even though a lot of people ignored us while trying to give them some flyers, i was happy because i was singing as i was bearing testimony, i sung with all my heart. and even though people did not stop i knew that heavenly father was proud of us and the holy spirit confirmed to me that what i was doing was the lord's work and we are the lord's missionaries. 

wow i am so proud to be the lord's missionary, i love him, heavenly father 天父. 我愛耶穌基督。 

on tuesday we went to mui wo to visit a member, wang jin 姐妹. we ate together but then she had to leave because she had class, it was not planned.

so we decided to stay and try to go finding but it rained really hard and found no one outside. so we decided to go home. 

we had our temple day on thursday. once again i was instructed by heavenly father as i was studying the scriptures in the temple. i really love the temple! ️ after we went to ma on shan to see the dentist for me (no details). 

on saturday i was on exchange with sister grover in kowloon, we went to english class, i helped charlotte learn english. then we taught her with her aunt's help, she is a member from ngau tau kok ward. 

before we exchanged back, we met with susie she is from guan dong, she is in an exchange at the baptist university, going back to gang dong and will come back again. last Sunday she walked in the church and had a short lesson with the sisters. she is really smart and nice.

okay that was a resume of my week. 我愛你們。


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