Monday, July 31, 2017

Hong Kong - Hong Kong Island - Track 7 - I'm so grateful to have new eternal friends !!

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I can write in chinese today because the keyboard have the pinyin option.-

anyway, we had a really great week.

last week for pday after emailing we met with christelle and aline from tahiti. they invited us to eat at ''outback steakhouse'', we ate steaks so expensive for us. both of them had tbones (500hk$) and we had one of the cheapest.

so crazy these tahitians!!! hahaha.

sister loo thought that they will share the steak but when i told her that they are going to have one each, she had big eyes.
we spent a really great time together, she shared with us a lot of funny stuffs. (a la victoire )

this week i also went on exchange with sister woo on thursday. we stayed in hong kong island. we were supposed to meet with a potential investigator that should become a new investigator, she was a self-refferal but she never showed up and blocked us on her phone, so we couln't contact her. anti is a thing here! but we had time to go finding and we met 2 persons for the cantonese elders and sisters, no mandarin.

on saturday we had the 2 branches combined activities in kowloon tong. it was great but they only had basketball games and the kids were watching disney movies and we couldn't so we just stayed by marlo.

at 2:00, we picked up anna and brought her to church for her baptismal interview, she talked with the members and she passed her baptismal interview.

on sunday, we taught the gospel principle class during the 2nd hour, anna attended with us the 3rd hour eventhough she was tired.

the members really took good care of her, they helped her during the classes.

finally at 12:30 we started her baptism, we sung for her ''savior redeemer of my soul''.

while we were walking to the baptismal font marlo and the relief society president were with us and then marlo announced ''i will get baptised on 08/08!'' she was so sure about it! our relief society president was surprised and really happy and so were we.

so everything went well.

at the end we gave her a bouquet, i gave her a lei and i told her it was from tahiti, the members were like ''wow, so pretty!'' and anna was almost crying, she hugged both me and sister loo. i will never forget this moment, she hugged us and thanked us.

i think one of our member took a picture of us. she thanked us and the members a lot.

i am so grateful for this blessing i have to witness so many miracles, to have new eternal friends, to love them, to walk with the savior and heavenly father's children. it reminds of the song '' i will find you my friend''.



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